Is it ok to love yourself first?

This question must have came in your mind too, right?

We often prioritize our-self last and don’t know how we can love ourselves. Loving yourself means respecting your own needs and time. The problem is we sometimes are less concerned about our own happiness and running behind people to make them happy. When you will start loving yourself you can see more positive people around you. Accept what you are and for what work you are in this world. Definitely you will find people who are full of negativity and will try to pull you down in every possible situation. You don’t have to listen to them just do your work sincerely. one day you will see the change in their outlook towards you. Spread happiness, love and care for people who really matter you the most. Try to hang out with positive people or the people who applaud you and force you to bring out the best within you. Get yourself fit. Try new dresses . Bring a change. Do what you actually love to do. One thing which you can do anytime is smile and smile a lot. You never know if you are making someone’s day with this.

There are some things if you do daily you will find yourself more energetic and will make you a step ahead in loving yourself.

  • Start waking up early- When you start waking up early , you will start realizing that you have a big day to start your things. Remember those days when we were in school and we used to sleep early and wake up early and at that time we never faced any health related issues. Everything was so perfect. so, bring this good change in you , I can bet you will be more active throughout a day.

So, what are you waiting for. Start following it. No one is coming to do this for you , all you have to do is at your own. So, stop thinking and start doing.

“Tomorrow never come, today is the only best day”

A tiny writer who is trying to connect with people through her writing.